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Johan Theeuwes
illustrator, graphic designer

I’ve recieved my master in graphic design in 2009.
I’m currently working on personal projects and commissions.


email: johan.theeuwes@gmail.com


One response to “About / Contact

  1. Hi, Johan~ my name is Tinno and I’ve seen your amazing artwork through the internet and CA;-)
    Being an artist myself, I believe those pieces should be seen and enjoyed by many through out the world and that is the reason of this letter.

    I’m the CEO of “Street T-Shirts” which is a t-shirt company located in South Korea (WEBSITE).
    I would like to use your artwork in my t-shirts and of course all the copyright in the images will be yours and
    I will also make sure you will get 20% of all sales related to your design or artwork.

    I sell my t-shirts through my website which can be seen in four different languages
    (Chinese, Japanese, English and Korean) so our sales are international.
    It may seem that I’m just like any other entrepreneur trying to make money but my real true intention is spreading the art community through my t-shirts.
    I also have a twitter so all registered artists can join and share there ideas.
    (My Twitters is @tinno_kor).

    Thank you so much and
    I hope we can work together in the near future.
    Bye! 😉

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